Divine Intention:How God’s Work in the Early Church Empowers Us Today

This book was my attempt to make sense of the church. That’s an important job for a guy who makes a living as a pastor, I’d say. This book looks at the Early church and gets past the adrenaline and ecstasy that accompanied the founding of the church. The first Christians wrestled messy issues– conflict, nationalism, prejudice, and suffering.  The same issues the modern church struggles with today. When I wrote the last draft of Divine Intention, I realized that this was a book about the two Great Loves. The church tends to embrace the idea of loving God with all our hearts. But we’re not as committed to struggle with loving our neighbor as ourselves.

You can read a few chapters here. You can buy Divine Intention here.

Lead The Way God Made You

Leadership is hard. It’s even more difficult when you spend more time studying how other people lead than paying attention to how God wired you as a leader. This book examines six different leadership styles and helps you become more comfortable in your own skin. This little book has done well. A few years ago it was translated into Korean where it’s being used as textbook to train church leaders.

You can read a few chapters here. You can buy the book here.