Lead the Way God Made You, Day 7: “Letting Go of Part of Your Game”

Several years ago I read an article on the genius of Coach Phil Jackson. The article came out when Kobe and Shaq shared the court at the same time. Today, we’re all reminded of how much those two dislike each other. We forget that back when they were making all those championship runs they figured out how to share the ball, the court, and the glory. I’ll never forget this line from Jackson. He said that to make a great team mesh that everyone has to give up a part of their game. Both Kobe and Shaq had to give up the parts of their game that they were good or every very good at. They were to focus on what they did best and to create space for the rest of the team.

In a church setting that means the department leader should be focused on what only he or she can do, can to give away the rest of the ministry. For me that means that I’ve stopped doing many things that I enjoy. I don’t play keyboards or design curriculum. I’ve got a musicians and creative types.  For a time I focused on administrative challenges until I learned that there’s a myriad of people who actually like to use Excel.

I’ve become the chief vision caster and problem solver. The team is becoming big and diverse enough that I’m need to let go of much of my game to make room for other brilliant leaders.

Today our blog tour swings to the Left Coast with Greg Baird. Greg is the founder of KidMin360.com. Greg’s a veteran children’s pastor, a consultant, and an innovator in children’s ministry.